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Kai Ken

black and tan German Shepherd puppy

Kai Ken (also known as Tiger Dog, which is a fictional character) is a character who appears in several video games. They are derived from wild mountain dogs in The remote Cayi region and were utilized for hunting purposes for the majority of their time.

1934 witnessed an emergence the birth of Kai Ken, known for his talent and intelligence. Being a hunter breed Kais are extremely smart, athletic, healthy, and independent. They can learn quickly and are a breeze to train, though they require a firm hand and plenty of socialization before they are born. They’re great indoor dogs and will be content living in apartments provided they take enough time in the garden. But, Qais must remain tied to his leash, or else his instincts to hunt will become dominant and force them to hunt for prey.



They were commonplace during the 18th and 17th centuries (as evident from their appearance in the works of Rembrandt along with other masters) But in the aftermath of World War II, they were close to disappearing. These small spaniel dogs are indigenous to the Netherlands. Kooikerhondje are being restored and are now gaining popularity because of the passion of dog lovers, however, the breed is not yet recognized within either the US or Canada. The Kooikerhondje is known as friendly, modest, and dedicated. When they meet people for the first time They usually display an unruly manner, before turning friendly and affectionate. As these dogs are active and active, it’s best to provide them with an area large enough to play around in, like a yard that is fenced. A word of caution due to the breed’s low genetic diversity


adult white and gray shih tzu


The Lowchen (also known as Little Lion Canine, once was regarded as being the rare dog breed that was in existence. In 2001, the breed had 65 registered specimens. But the background of the breed could be as old as the fifteenth century. The lion-sized dogs, which were pets of the aristocratic and wealthy can be seen in many Renaissance paintings or literary works. The Lowchen is an ideal pet to have at home as it is lively, sociable, and intelligent. Moreover, it’s not known for its barking like some other breeds of dog. They require constant attention and could be anxious when in a secluded area for a long period of time. It’s unfortunate that this breed isn’t more popular as they are wonderful family pets and do well with children.

Norwegian Lundehund


The dogs were used to hunt puffins on the Norwegian coast from the sixteenth century. But the development of new hunting techniques slowed curiosity about the breed. There were only six Lundehunds that existed at one time However, through cautious breeding, the numbers gradually increased to 1400 (in the year 2010). Lundehunds are different from other dogs due to having 6 toes per paw, instead of the usual four. Additionally, they also have joints that are more flexible which aid in their ability to climb cliffs. Actually, their joints have a pliableness that they can tilt its head obliquely to the side.

Skye Terrier


Scotland was where the adorable hairball comes originated (namely The Island of Skye). This breed was loved by the British elite, and Queen Victoria especially was the most opulent. In the years following the Skye breed’s popularity grew throughout all of the British Isles, and by the end of 19th century in the 20th and 19th centuries, it seemed like the dog was well on the path to becoming an established name. But the Skye terrier’s popularity never really grew as interest faded as time passed. The Skye Terrier is considered a species that is endangered and could disappear within 40 years. Skye Terriers are funny enthusiastic, loyal, and curious which makes them ideal pets for older adults. They need regular brushing of their silky coats however they require minimal care. They could have issues similar to canines with short legs.

Berger Picard


In France which is where they’ve been living since the 9th century A.D., these adorable dogs with scruffy appearances are unusual. Berger Picards nearly went extinct due to both World Wars because of their muggy appearance, which they have never managed to gain the hearts of nobles. There are only about 3,500 breeds in France currently (and 400 total within North America.) They are Berger Picard is a vivacious and intelligent canine with an impulsive personality that requires a thorough obedience program. Because of their strong instincts to protect they are herding dogs by nature. They are also excellent guard dogs. The puppies tend to be calm, however in the event that they don’t get enough exercise they may be destructive because of boredom.



The Kuvasz is among the breeds of dogs that can be traced back to the 9th century. The Magyar tribes that occupied the area that is now Hungary around the year 896 A.D. and brought with their guard dogs for livestock can be traced back to the breed’s origins. In the long history of Hungary, it is believed that the Kuvasz breed is still popular. It was a highly regarded breed in the medieval period of Hungary. But, because of their reputation as fierce guardians, the breed was virtually eradicated during World War II. There were only 12 to 30 dogs from the entire country survived the conflict, as per numerous reports. Due to the massive diminution in the breeding pool, The current Kuvasz probably carries genetic traces of other breeds.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Another interesting and old canine breed is this time from Italy. The name that roughly translates as “lake dog from Romagna” (after the Italian region) refers to its past use as a water retriever. A lot of modern water retriever breeds are believed to have an ancestral connection with the Lagotto Romagnolo. But, their primary application today is to be hunting dogs. While there are a few Lagottos that are suitable for domestic use but they are all extremely loyal and energetic dogs. They have a long life span, which is about 16 years. However, as a result of their breeding mistakes and genetics, they could be prone to developing hip dysplasia or epilepsy.



It’s a brand-new breed, unlike many of the other breeds that are listed. A group of people chose to mix the best qualities that characterize Chowspitz with the best characteristics of Chow Chow with the Wolfspitz to create a brand-unique breed. It was born in Germany in the year 1960. The Samoyed was later crossed with the resulting “Wolf-Chow” were crossed, creating the Eurasier. Eurasiers are gentle, respectful, and calm dogs. They protect their family members and are reserved for strangers. Therefore, family members should be the ones to offer any kind of training, rather than the outside dog handler. It is important to remember that they are companion animals. They must be close to their owners and will not be content if tied up, confined to the kennel of a pet,

Glen of Imaal Terrier


Just a handful of Glen of Imaal Terriers has been registered with the USA in recent times which makes it an uncommon dog breed. They are among the least known of all the Irish breeds of terriers and are believed to have evolved in the time of Elizabeth I. The Glen of Imaal Terrier is more closely linked to the Molossers (bulldog/mastiff/boxer type canines) than it is to other terriers, which is an intriguing discovery revealed by a DNA study. Glens are energetic, stubborn, and brave, just like other breeds of terriers. They do not bark, which is unlike most dogs. They’re sharp and quick learners, particularly when they are provided with a firm hand when being guided. Glens can be sociable with humans, but they can become insecure around other dogs. Progressive retinal atrophy, a condition that slowly reduces vision is a health issue that is well-known.