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Las Vegas Raiders’ Rookie Performance Analysis After Week 3

Raiders’ First Loss of the Season

The Las Vegas Raiders faced their first defeat of the season in Week 3, and it was a game marked by significant challenges. In this analysis, we delve into the performance of the team’s rookies and how their contributions, or lack thereof, impacted the outcome.

Injuries and Limited Options

The Raiders’ offense was notably hampered by the absence of first-round pick Henry Ruggs and fellow rookie receiver Bryan Edwards, both of whom were sidelined due to injuries. This significantly limited quarterback Derek Carr’s options and made it more challenging for the team to secure a win. Furthermore, the New England Patriots’ defense effectively contained tight end Darren Waller, allowing him only two catches for nine yards.

Rookie Ruggs’ Hamstring Woes

Henry Ruggs, the talented rookie wide receiver, missed the game due to a hamstring injury. The absence of this dynamic player was keenly felt in the Raiders’ offensive struggles. While there is hope for his return, his ongoing absence may affect his stock value.

Edwards’ Ankle Injury

Bryan Edwards, another rookie receiver, left the game in the third quarter with an ankle injury. His tendency to fall awkwardly when tackled is a concern, and his injury has placed him on the sidelines for an undetermined period.

Emerging Concerns

Jon Gruden, the Raiders’ head coach, has expressed concern about the injuries to both of his rookie receivers. While Edwards showed promise with two receptions for 48 yards and first downs, the recurring injuries are worrisome. To further enhance his stock, Edwards should aim to get open more frequently.

Other Rookies

Tanner Muse remains on injured reserve, and Amik Robertson might see more playing time in the coming weeks. With Damon Arnette no longer in the lineup, there’s an opportunity for Robertson to contribute.

Damon Arnette’s Performance

Damon Arnette, who had a challenging start in Week 1, showed improvement in subsequent weeks. His tackle numbers decreased, but he wasn’t a primary target for opposing quarterbacks. He made an impressive play in the red zone by deflecting a pass to prevent a touchdown.

Areas of Concern

While Arnette’s performance is on an upward trajectory, concerns about his thumb injury have emerged. He may be sidelined for up to six weeks, potentially leading to his placement on the injured reserve list.

John Simpson’s Struggles

John Simpson filled in for Richie Incognito after an injury and faced difficulties in pass blocking. His performance against the Saints and the Patriots was subpar, characterized by sacks, hits, and penalties. The rookie’s inability to replicate Incognito’s prowess in the run game is also noteworthy.


In a season marked by injuries and uncertainties, the performance of the Las Vegas Raiders’ rookies becomes increasingly important. While some, like Bryan Edwards, show promise, others, like Damon Arnette, face challenges due to injuries. The team’s success may well depend on how these rookies adapt and perform in the coming weeks.

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