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Top 10 Smartest Talking Birds In The World

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What reaction would you have when your adorable feathered pet bird mimics your voice? Become speechless. right? There are many species of parrots such as African gray parrots, the budgerigar, and yellow-naped amazon are known for their better comprehension of human languages. Here’s a list of 10 birds that speak the smartest around the world.

Blue-Fronted Amazon

The Blue-fronted Amazon is a sought-after pet and a bird that is native to South America. The beautiful parrot’s name is because of the distinctive blue markings on its head. You must spend time with the blue-fronted amazon in order to increase its ability to talk.

Blue-fronted Amazons are prone to form bonds with just one person. They can mimic human voices only if they are socialized correctly. They can also speak for hours if they are properly trained. Amazons with blue fronts are also famous for their sweet songs.

Yellow-crowned Amazon

The playful and affectionate yellow-crowned amazon parrots can be located in the rain forests in South as well as North America. They are among the best speakers of the Amazon parrots family. Certain parrots in this species are great talkers, while others are not.

The capability to speak is dependent on a variety of factors, including the environment they reside in and how often they interact with other humans. Another thing is that yellow-crowned Amazons are famous because of their loud voices. They also have a long life span of over 60 years. ..!.


Cockatoos are social birds with better speaking abilities. Cockatoos are able to mimic a broad variety of sounds. However, their ability to talk is dependent on the quality of their training. There are many species of cockatoos found around the globe. Of them, the rose-breasted cockatoo as well as the yellow-crested cockatoo, and the long-billed cockatoos are more talkative.

Cockatoos require special attention from their owners to master how to speak. They are prone to mimic the words repeated by their owners regularly.

Cockatoos are able to mimic words related to their behavior. The changes in tone are sure to cause difficulty to learn. They will not grasp every word with ease, but they can mimic it in the correct manner with appropriate training.

Hill Myna

Hill mynas are among the top talking birds to be discovered in Southeast Asia. They are renowned for their ability to mimic human voices with exact pitch. Hill mynas can also create a wide variety of whistles, screeches, and wails.

Mynas of the great Indian hill and the common hill myna are the two most common varieties of mynas from hill species. Both have greater speaking power over other mynas. They are able to mimic human speech with almost the same quality and tone. Other species of hill mynas like Southern hill mynas can talk. However, they don’t become as clear as the great Indian hill, or common hill mynas.

Monk Parakeet

The Monk parakeet also known as a quaker parrot, is primarily found in Europe, and South and North America. Similar to other birds that talk Monk parakeets require attention and proper training to imitate the human voice. Monk parrots are trained to mimic the sounds they hear from their trainer.

A monk parrot that is well-socialized is can also use the language they have learned inappropriately times. It’s only practical when the teacher associates correct actions or feelings with the words they use to teach. The social bird emulates the sounds that they hear from its surroundings.

Indian Ring Parakeet

Indian Ring parakeets are one of the most impressive talking birds of the parrot family. They are able to learn between 200 and 250 words. The ability to mimic human voice is also different between parrots. It depends on the frequency of interactions with their pet’s owner.

The Indian Ring Parakeets typically try to mimic the human voice by mimicking the sounds of the surrounding. They also can pick up words by hearing the music. Indian rings parakeets’ ability to mimic human speech also meets high standards.

Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus Parrots indigenous to the New Guinea islands are known for their clarity in words and speech. Eclectus parrots are able to copy the majority of the spoken words in their surroundings and mimic their mimicry in high-quality. Some parrots even learn and sing a whole song.

Eclectus parrots are able to mimic human speech as well as other appealing sounds emanating from the surrounding. This way, Eclectus parrots are even able to confuse their own owners. They can repeat phrases they learned at suitable times. Female and male Eclectus parrots can also be beautiful and melodious sounds.

Yellow-naped Amazon

Another impressive talking bird from the family of amazon parrots. The species is famous for its ability to contextualize human speech. Amazons with yellow nails have the capability to imitate a variety of words and replicate their speech in high-quality.

Amazons with yellow names begin to speak from a young age. They learn the majority of words or phrases they hear from their parents. The yellow-naped Amazons are usually bonded with just one person. Therefore, the relationship between the pet and the owner is the primary element that determines the communication ability of this pet. The yellow-naped amazons are also proficient in reciting the music they are hearing from their surroundings.


Budgerigar or the common pet parakeet is a smart-speaking bird native to Australia. This smart social bird can develop outstanding vocabulary. It’s no surprise that it also held the Guinness record for 1995. These amazing species have cultivated a word list of 128. It is not the case that all birds in this species possess the same potential. However, some species are able to learn hundreds of words or sentences.

Budgerigars are known to mimic the words spoken by their owner. However that two or more Budgerigars are in a group and they are not listening to the owner. In these situations, they have a higher preference when they are with other Budgerigars. Both female and male Budgerigars are able to mimic human speech. However, male birds seem to have a better ability to speak more in the correct tone than females.

African Grey Parrot

It is believed that the African Grey Parrot can be regarded to be the most intelligent, smartest, and most intelligent parrot anywhere in the world. They are native to the rainforests that lie in West as well as Central Africa. African gray parrots are famous for their superior comprehension and mimicry of the human voice. As with other birds that speak, African grey parrots tend to become attracted to just one person.

The owner’s relationship is the main aspect that determines the speaking capability of African grey parrots. Treatment of African grey parrots as teachers can enhance their speaking ability more quicker. They also learn different types of voices from their surroundings. African gray parrots can be clever enough to imitate different sounds in order to confuse predators.